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Dog Collars & Leads (plus Pet ID Tag $6.00) Dog, Cat Collars - Leather, Nylon

Large selection of Training collars
for your
Studs and Spikes DOG COLLARS

We offer a wide variety of unique and
decorative leather
collars for dogs and cats

Your source for leather dog collars,
dog collars and designer dog collars

Dog Training Collars and
Custom Dog Collars for your Pets.

Fully adjustable collars are perfect
for the growing
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Dog Collars, Cat Collars are available
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 Pet Collars
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any Pet ID Tag


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Shop Nylon and Leather collars - excellent quality

Leather Collars
line offers the most durable collars
The tapered ends provide easy buckling and give these collars a streamlined look
Nylon Collars 
-- 1-Ply and 2-Ply
-- Consistent Quality
-- Strength retention
-- Available in several brilliant colors

Reflector collars protect dogs from the hazards of night drivers
Adjustable Collars - Precision side-release buckle allows the collar to snap on and off by pushing a dual-action spring

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DOG COLLARS All dogs should have a collar and dog tags! The thought of a loved dog being stolen or lost is not pleasant for anyone, although statistics clearly show that there is a far greater chance of seeing your dog again if they are wearing a dog collar and pet id tag. Although dog collars do not only useful for returning and re-claiming lost dogs. Dogs collars are very useful for walking and exercising dogs and go a long way to showing you are a responsible pet owner. It is important for all dogs to have a correctly fitting and comfortable collar and pet tag, no matter whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane. Dog collars are even useful for giving your dog a certain appearance. For example, many owners of male dogs, especially breeds such as Bulldogs, Bull Mastiff’s and Rottweilers, like to purchase dog collars that are thick, dark and feature accessories such as silver studs. Or alternatively, owners of female dogs, and breeds such as Poodles, Pomeranians and Mexican Hairless’ prefer to use lighter, summery coloured ribbon dog collars to promote their dogs femininity and delicateness. No matter what breed of dog you own, a dog collar is a responsible and necessary item for your beloved pet


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